Episode 2 Page 137

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: And so, Episode 2 comes to a close. Not all together a happy ending, but doing the right thing isn’t always easy. I’ll never understand why some folks consider honesty and integrity to be weaknesses. Sometimes these virtues require a lot of strength.


Episode 2 Page 136

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Sometimes the real test of a person’s metal is whether or not they have the courage to tell the truth…

Episode 2 Page 134

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Looks like Duelsey can be a fast talker when she wants to be. And it looks like the Bloody Paw will regroup and try again…

Episode 2 Page 106

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: The first superhero I ever drew was Spidey! That came in handy with drawing SpiderMonkey! ^_^